Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Announced; free DLC that explains the game’s ending coming this Summer

Electronic Arts and BioWare have announced Mass Effect 3:Extended Cut, a downloadable content pack that will expand upon the events at the end of the critically acclaimed Action RPG. Through additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes, the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will give fans seeking further clarity to the ending of Mass Effect 3 deeper insights into how their personal journey concludes. Coming this summer, the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut will be available for download on X360, PS3 and PC for free.
Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare and General Manager of EA label BioWare said:
“We are all incredibly proud of Mass Effect 3 and the work of Casey Hudson and the team,” said . “We have since the publication of the feedback from our most passionate fans listened closely and respond to now. With Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, we have found in our opinion, a good balance: We will deliver the desired responses from the players, while preserving the artistic vision of the team for the end of this story arc in the Mass Effect universe. “
Casey Hudson, executive producer of the Mass Effect series, added:
“After the release of the game we have set new priorities in order to give the fans who wanted a clearer conclusion, more context and clarity, so that the end of our opinion, for now each player provides a more personal experience. “
Let’s see now what BioWare has in store for us and whether the indocrination theory was right or not.