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Mid-End GPU – GeForce 750Ti – Runs Battlefield 4 Better Than PS4 & Titanfall Better Than Xbox One

Nvidia has recently released its latest low-end mid-end GPU (hasty typo. GF 750Ti is actually a mid-end GPU. Thanks ‘[Chaotic]’ ) based on the Maxwell architecture and quite surprising, the GeForce 750Ti is able to push graphics and performance similar to those of both PS4 and Xbox One.

First things first, the GeForce GTX 750Ti is packed with 640 CUDA cores, a 1020 Mhz base clock, 2GB of 128-bit GDDR5 memory, 2048KB of L2 cache, and a 5.4Gbps memory speed.

According to tests, this low-budget GPU – that is priced at £100 and only uses 55 watts – is able to run Tomb Raider on High settings at over 60fps. Moreover, this card is powerful enough to run Titanfall’s beta at 60fps (1080p with 2xAA), something that Xbox One currently cannot achieve. And as if that wasn’t enough, the GeForce 750Ti runs DICE’s Battlefield 4 with perfect 60fps at 900p (PS4 runs BF4 at that resolution, though there are some slowdowns) and does an exceptional work at 1080p.

Crysis 3 is another example. Although Crytek’s title has not been released on next-gen consoles, the targeted framerate would be 30fps (similar to the one found in Ryse, though its resolution is not similar to the one tested here). And Nvidia’s latest low-end GPU was powerful enough to run it above 30fps at 1080p with 2xAA and High settings.

Below you can find videos proving the aforementioned claims.

Kudos to our reader “Sean” for informing us!

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