“Lords of the Fallen” Developer Is Working on New Game for Core Gamers, to Be Revealed at E3

Deck13 Interactive announced today its partnership with Focus Home Interactive. Deck13 is currently working on an unannounced game that will be published by Focus Home Interactive, and will be publicly revealed at this year’s E3.

Jan Klose, Creative Director and Co-Owner of Deck13, said:

“After Lords of the Fallen, we are eager to expand on what we have learned and want to deliver an even greater experience to the core gamers. The team we built and the technology we created puts us in a great position to go one step beyond what we have achieved so far.”

Florian Stadlbauer, CEO and Owner of Deck13, added:

“Focus Home Interactive as publishing partner is a perfect fit for us. Their great experience in international marketing and distribution combined with our creativity and tech base sets an exceptional foundation for our next worldwide success.”

Last but not least, according to CI Games, Lords of the Fallen sold nearly one million copies on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Stay tuned for more!