LightFish gone Gold and is out now on Steam; Demo Available Too

I’ll be honest here, LightFish reminds me of some arcade adult games I was playing back in the days. You know, New Fantasia and Miss World ’96. Instead of featuring naked women though, LightFish is all about flashy graphics and the old-school feel – something that some of you might have missed out. The game has gone Gold and is right now available on Steam for 4.49 euros (currently comes with a 10% discount).
LightFish features a classic gameplay that has been evolved and enhanced, multiple game modes including Adventure & Time trial, 10 diverse enemy types with 45 exciting levels – and still no naked women, an original soundtrack, a score system, Achievements and Leaderboards.
There is also a demo version that can be downloaded from its Steam page.
Enjoy this trailer to get an idea of what this game is all about!