Lifeless Planet; A New Cinematic Sci-Fi Adventure Game Inspired By ICO and Out Of This World

Stage 2 is an indepedent gaming studio that is currently developing Lifeless Planet, a new cinematic sci-fi adventure game that is inspired by ICO, The Dig and Out of This World. According the studio’s main developer, the goal of Lifeless Planet is to put the “adventure” back in “action-adventure” and this basically means that the game will be a tribute to the aforementioned games.
Lifeless Planet is at its first stages and the team has asked for some support. Those interested can visit their site and donate them. Furthermore, with $10 you can pre-order the game, while those that will donate more than that will get more rewards such as posters, a sweet t-shirt, and even a collectible figurine of Aelita, the mysterious woman you will encounter in Lifeless Planet.
Enjoy the game’s debut trailer!