Legend of Grimrock – Fan requests a GUI for disabled people, devs respond and add it in due time

This is a really touching story and shows that there is still hope in the gaming industry. We’ve been supporting indie developers and especially the folks behind Legend of Grimrock. Legend of Grimrock is an old-school RPG and looks quite amazing. The game is priced at only 10 bucks and you have anothe reason to support this studio guys. Why you ask? Keep reading.
Legend of Grimrock is about to get released and comes with an interesting GUI. Fact is though that its GUI is not quite friendly to disabled people. One of them that goes by the nickname ‘HarpoonIPA’ is a fan of these RPGs and waits patiently for Almost Human Games’ little gem. HarpoonIPA¬†asked the developers for some on-screen arrows and the developers responded and asked why he needed them. HarpoonIPA told them that he was disabled and Almost Human Games’ ‘petri’ went ahead and added an optional GUI for disabled people.
This is something that makes indie developers even better. And that’s why you really need to support this game, especially if you are an old-school PC gamer. As said, it’s a touching story and we are grateful that there are such developers in our times. And yeah, there is still hope guys. There is still hope for games that are made from developers with passion for their fans.
Legend of Grimrock is currently slated for an April 11th release, exclusively on the PC. Special thanks to Neogaf’s user ‘nickcv’ for bringing this story to everyone’s attention!