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Lawyers say that NVIDIA’s new NDA is fine and does not force journalists to be positive about it

Two days ago, Heise leaked the latest NVIDIA NDA which claimed that confidential information must be used solely for the benefit of NVIDIA. Naturally, a lot of critizised NVIDIA about it however Gamersnexus talked with a lawyer who stated that this NDA is fine and does not force journalists to write positive things in favour of NVIDIA.

As Gamersnexus’ lawyer claimed, the confidential information that NVIDIA provides those who sign up the NDA should not be discussed or masked as rumours (or used in order to debunk rumours).

Information provided by AIBs or other sources are not restricted by this NDA, meaning that websites can run stories similar to HardOCP’s GeForce Partner Program.

Gamersnexus’ lawyer concluded that this NDA is valid and not restrictive, websites will be able to run stories based on information collected by other sources than NVIDIA, and that they are free to criticize NVIDIA.

Talking to an Actual Lawyer on NVIDIA's NDA