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NVIDIA’s new NDA forces journalists to share positive opinions in order to receive confidential information

After the whole debate regarding its GeForce Partner Program, NVIDIA is doing again some ‘shady things.’ The Heise team has just leaked NVIDIA’s new non-disclosure agreement in which the green team clearly states that confidential information must be used solely for the benefit of NVIDIA.

And… well… needless to say that this is as anti-consumer and unethical as it can possibly be. Well done NVIDIA. We also don’t know whether this logic applies to those who receive early GPU samples (meaning that they should post positive opinions/previews when receiving new unreleased GPUs).

The new NDA also imposes 5-year expiration on confidential information and – understandably – mentions that trade secrets should never be talked about. The last one is what you’d expect from any NDA as journalists should not reveal NVIDIA’s secrets. However, those requirements regarding confidential information are seriously anti-consumer as those journalists who sign up this NDA won’t be able to criticize anything confidential information at all.

Those interested can view the whole NDA document below, courtesy of Heise.