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Latest Serious Sam Fusion update adds support for 8K textures and larger Navigation meshes

Croteam has released a brand new patch for Serious Sam Fusion. In case you weren’t aware of, Serious Sam Fusion is a central hub for existing and upcoming Serious Sam games and via this hub, Croteam can release cool new features, engine upgrades, patches and updates to all existing owners for free.

This latest update for Serious Sam Fusion adds support for textures up to 8K resolution and much larger Navigation meshes for more complex levels. This basically means that with the Level Editor, content creators can create bigger, richer and more detailed levels.

Furthermore, this patch adds a new default gamepad layout, a new weapon wheel that slows down time when used to select weapons, a new Bloom system and scales the Menu properly on 4K resolutions.

Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client and you can find its complete changelog below.

Serious Sam Fusion Patch November 16th Release Notes

General Changes:

  •  Fusion now has its own menu and gametitle as default, the game no longer launches with the SS3 menu settings. As such, the SS3 intro now plays when the first level of SS3 is started.
  •  Added new default gamepad layout (classic one is still available as option).
  •  Added a new weapon wheel that slows down time when used to select weapons.
  •  Added a new Bloom system.
  •  Menu now properly scales on 4K resolutions.
  •  Many other smaller changes.


  • Fixed hitscan tracer bug.
  • Fixed tilted projectiles bug.
  • In Versus, the player should be damageable while crouching now.
  • Fixed bug where weapon effects would be rendered on both split screens when first player fires gun in first person view.
  • Lots and lots of other smaller fixes.


  • Much larger Navigation meshes are supported now for more complex levels.
  • Added support for textures up to 8K resolution.
  • New system for damage multipliers on hulls. Hulls are added through “DamageMultiplierHulls” mechanism. Hulls with damage descriptions are embedded into puppet body params. Damage hull can define damage multiplier and damage type.

Notes for Content Creators:

  • Changed how lightmap sizes are generally set up: Now every model should have its lightmap sizes defined in their mesh settings, instead of individually in Shader Modifiers (but shader modifiers are still needed to apply the lightmap). Some custom maps might need to have their GIs rebaked and some custom models’ lightmaps adjusted due to this.
  • Changed Nominal Velocity for Moving Animations: They are no longer set up in Moving Animation schemes, but in the animations directly in the Animation editor. If you have custom animations, you will likely get error messages related to this.
  • Editor now puts out an error if a model uses invalid bones for attachments. You have to fix those or remove those attachments for the error to go away.
  • Thanks to the new Bloom system, it is very possible that some custom maps might have problems with overly strong bloom. You can reduce the bloom on your level’s post processing effect entity.
  • Due to new NormalMap format, all custom Normal Maps will have to be recreated!
  • In general, all custom content will likely have to be resaved for them to work again.