Metal Gear Solid 4 RPCS3 feature

Latest RPCS3 build brings major improvements in Metal Gear Solid 4, inFamous 2, Ninja Gaiden & more

Back in June 2020, the RPCS3 team released a new version of RPCS3 that brought major performance improvements in various games. And today, a brand new version of the best Playstation 3 emulator came out, bringing major graphical improvements in Metal Gear Solid 4, inFamous 1 and 2, Ninja Gaiden and other games.

Going into more details, this new RPCS3 version improves the lighting and shading in Metal Gear Solid 4. It also improves lighting and shading in Ratchet & Clank Future games, Resistance 1 & 2, and all the inFamous games.

Furthermore, this latest version of RPCS3 fixes the skybox and reflections in Bioshock Infinite. Additionally, it improves lighting on clouds in Red Dead Redemption. Killzone 2 also sees some lighting and smoke improvements, though it still suffers from performance issues.

It’s also worth noting that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 appears to be almost fully playable. This latest version improves shading on all characters. And, from what we can see, PC gamers can finally enjoy this game on the PC via emulation.

You can download the latest version of this Playstation 3 emulator from its official website. Below you can also find a video that highlights all of its major graphical improvements.

It’s also worth noting that RPCS3 can now allow you unlock the framerate on specific Playstation 3 games.


RPCS3 - Major Graphical Improvements in MGS4, inFamous 1-2, Ninja Gaiden, R&C Future, and more!