Last Day of June is free on the Epic Store this week

This week, the ongoing partnerships with the Epic Store brings us something a little more dramatic. Developers Ovosonico have made their evocative indie game, Last Day of June, available for free until Independence Day (that’s July 4th when we beat the aliens).

Last Day of June is a beautiful game rendered in a vivid, autumn-coloured palette. The player takes on the role of Carl who looses his love interest, but gains the power to travel back in time. Naturally, Carl goes back to the past where he hopes change things around so that the events leading to his girlfriend’s death never take place.

The reviews have been rather favourable towards this little beauty due to its treatment of mature themes and visual sophistication. Definitely worth having a look, and you can find it here, or by going into your Epic Store client.

Guess what we getting on the 4th of July… OVERCOOKED!! So go ahead and celebrate Independence Day, we will be sure to keep an eye out for the next one here.