KUNOS Simulazioni trashes Codemasters’ claims – Only 5% of Gamescom racers didn’t use a cockpit view

Who can forget Codemasters earlier claims about its fanbase?¬†Apparently noone and since KUNOS Simulazioni attended this year’s Gamescom, they decided to trash those claims. According to the company, only 5% of its Gamescom visitors (hundreds of people driving ten hours/day) did not use a cockpit view while testing Assetto Corsa. Funny that those stats trash Codemasters’ claims, right? But then again, even though Assetto Corsa is a pure sim racing game, it does not provide THE ultimate race experience that GRID 2 will offer. In fact, Codemasters is considering replacing all cam views with a replay cam, as this will be the super-duper-uber-oh_God_it_is_so_real experience that can come closer to the TV racing broadcasting. Jokes aside though, Assetto Corsa looks amazing and you can view below some gameplay footages from Gamescom 2012. Enjoy!
GamesCom '12 - Assetto Corsa first ever public gameplay

Fanatec / Assetto Corsa MENUE GC2012

Fanatec / Assetto Corsa GamesCom2012 (1)