Knights of Light is a new third-person action adventure game, supports NVIDIA’s VGXI, gets pre-alpha trailer

Rumbling Games Studio is working on a new open world third-person action adventure game that is set during the medieval era, called Knights of Light. The game takes place during the battles between the Sasanian Empire and Arab forces and its main character will be based on a historical figure.

Knights of Light promises to feature multiple side quests and “playable side characters”, and aims to offer 60 hours of gameplay. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and the team will implement some of NVIDIA’s Gameworks effects, such as HBAO+, VGXI and PCSS. Moreover, the game will feature volumetric lighting and volumetric clouds.

Rumbling Games Studio has released a new gameplay trailer from the game’s pre-alpha version. As the team noted, this trailer does not represent the quality of the final product, though it will give you a small idea of the game’s combat mechanics.