Kingdom Under Fire 2 – PC Is Main Development Platform, Will Feature Crossplay Between PS3 and PC

Kingdom Under Fire II v2
Remember Kingdom Under Fire 2? You know, the action RPG that is said to run great even on dated PC systems? Well, even though this title comes from a South Korean developer and comes on both PS3 and PC, Sony’s home console is not the main development platform. In a shocking turn of events, Kingdom Under Fire 2’s main development platform is the PC, and the PS3 version is being ported from it (with some adjustments to its UI).
This is revealed in the latest video of Kingdom Under Fire 2. Blueside wanted to show off the PS3 version and not only did they reveal that they are currently porting the game to Sony’s console from the PC, but they also showcased the crossplatform feature that will be supported, offering PS3 and PC players the chance to play alongside.
Son Hee-seung of Blueside has also revealed that a demo will most probably be available on store kiosk PlayStation 3 units before the game’s launch. Here is hoping that Blueside will also release a PC demo.
Kingdom Under Fire 2 was originally planned for release on PC, PS3 and X360. However, it seems that the X360 version got cancelled as Bluside did not comment (or mention anything about it) in this new video.
Kingdom under fire II Playstation 3 version