Skullgirls Coming To The PC, To Be Published By MarvelousAQL

Autumn Games has unveiled some new information about the PC version of Skullgirls. According to the developers, Autumn Games and MarvelousAQL have signed a deal to port this fighting game to the PC. Once the deal is on, it will take around four months to port the game to our platform. The PC version of Skullgirls will feature expanded multiplayer functionality such as lobbies, and it was said – back in the days – that it would support crossplay with the PS3 version.
We expect to see Skullgirls PC around Summer, and it will be released on pretty much every digital distribution platform: Gamefly, GamersGate, GameStop PC Download, Origin, and Steam.
Autumn Games promised to reveal more info about the PC version once they get closer to release, and teased a public beta (to be held at a later date).
Skullgirls is the brainchild of Creative Director Alex “o_8” Ahad and Lead Developer Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont. Ahad’s unique and vivid artwork has been featured in Lava Punch, UDON’s Tribute books and Scott Pilgrim. Under his tutelage, each of these memorable fighting females is brought to life with a fluid and high-resolution 2D animation rarely seen in a fighting game.
Skullgirls is also featured in the greatest fighting tournament, Evolution. It will be interested to see whether the PC version will be out before it and whether PC gamers will be able to practice enough and participate in this grand tournament.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!
[EVO 2012] Skullgirls Grand Finals - Duckator vs rylander