Kingdom: New Lands is the free game of the week on the Epic Store

From today until the 13th of June, Kingdom: New Lands is yours to try and keep for free with compliments from the Epic Store. As part of an ongoing deal with third-party developers, the Epic Store has added the spiritual successor of Kingdom: Classic to a list of free releases they will be making available throughout 2019.

Much like its predecessor, Kingdom: New Lands is a town building game in which the player must help an aspiring new monarch build  up his sovereign state after being shipwrecked on an island. In between farming for resources, the player must also fend off monsters from the emerging little kingdom, while even relying on the advice from ghosts inhabiting the island.

If you would like to try out this pixelated, indie beauty, you can find the store page here. On the 13th of June, Enter the Gungeon will be free courtesy of the Epic Store, and we will be sure to remind you.