Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Beta Version Coming In Q1 2016

Warhorse Studios has announced that the beta phase of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will begin in Q1 2016. This beta build will be the first introduction to an epic story and will feature all core game mechanics, a bigger game map that the currently found in its alpha build, the first important key battle/siege, as well as a new weapon Type: Sword and Shield.

Warhorse Studios has also released a new video, discussing the game’s development progress. Here are the highlights of the video.

  • Finishing the Story: Daniel Vávra and his team of 7 writers are finishing over 2500 pages of screenplay, hundred pages of design and have now more than 70 quests with over 300.000 words of dialogues.
  • Dog Companion: We are working on the next Kickstarter Stretch Goal – a man’s best friend. We decided to revive the extinct breed “Alount”. It was a very common breed used for hunting, herding and guarding.
  • 2D and 3D improvements: With hundreds of incredible artworks and many ingame improvements like the Dynamic weather changes and the Total Illumination System Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets even more realistic. In addition to that we improved our 3D face scanning technologies. We’re scanning every single head for our game including over 30 different expressions and emotion to create life-like facial animations, even with wrinkles. 🙂
  • Cutscene production starts: We are adding the first cutscenes into the game, with full motion capture of real actors and completely new voices. We prepared more than 25 hours of voiceovers and around 4h of symphonic music which will be recorded in Rudolfinum, one of the most important concert halls in Europe.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Video Update #12: Crime system and more