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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale hits Steam Early Access on January 12th, 2021

Neocore Games has announced that its role-playing tactical game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, will be available on Steam Early Access on January 12, 2021.

According to the developers, Early Access will allow them to work hand in hand with their players and implement changes to the game as they go, based on the feedback they receive from the community. The Early Access period will last for a few months, with regular content updates.

Based on the Arthurian mythology, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based tactical role-playing game; a unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games and traditional, character-centric RPGs.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will be a modern retelling of a classic Arthurian mythology story filtered through the dark fantasy tropes, a twist on the traditional tales of chivalry.

Players will control a small team of heroes and fight grueling, but satisfying battles. Furthermore, players will choose from more than 30 heroes of 5 diverse classes. Additionally, they will be able to combine hundreds of skills and artifacts to assemble an efficient team. Players will also gather their own Knights of the Round Table and send them on knightly quests.

The game will have more than 50 unique points of interest on the Adventure Map, including 20 story missions and various side quests. These quests will take place on diverse terrains, from the dark castle dungeons to the forests of the Sídhe. Additionally, players can expect 7 enemy factions, more than 50 types of enemy units, and 10 incredible boss fights.


King Arthur: Knight's Tale | Announcement Trailer