Kickstarter For Sonic-inspired Indie Platformer, Freedom Planet, Surpasses $10K With 22 Days Left To It

Freedom Planet
You know what, Freedom Planet looks great. I mean, how could this possibly not look cool? We’re talking about an indie platformer in which Megaman, Sonic and Gunstar Heroes collide with full voice acting and intense boss fights. Or at least that’s the general scope of this project (without Sonic and Megaman as that would put the team into legal issues). But the concept is in there and since both SEGA and Capcom have failed to satisfy their customers, it comes down to indie developers who can exploit such gameplay mechanics (and lovely 2D visuals) and offer what we’ve always wanted.
As the team describes, Freedom Planet is a stylish platform adventure that pits a ridiculously fast dragon girl and her friends against an alien invasion force. Its retro-styled graphics, tight gameplay and charming characters make it feel as though you’re playing through the golden days of the Sega Saturn or Playstation 1.
The game features voice talents from around the web such as Sean Chiplock, Edwyn Tiong and Dawn Michelle Bennett, as well as sound designs from Akash Thakkar and gorgeous music composed by both Woofle and the game’s producer Strife.
In order to fund it, GalaxyTrail has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has managed to hit all of its goals in due time, as there are still 22 days left to it. If the campaign reaches $20K, the team will do a video playthrough of the game when it’s released via the in-game characters. In addition, the game’s animations will get further polished with this extra cash.
GalaxyTrail is aiming for a February 2014 release on the PC. The game might also come to Mac, XBLIG, iOS, and Android.
We have a long time until then, but you can get a taste of it with its demo that is currently available for download.