PC Gamers, Relax; Relic Is Not Going Down, Company of Heroes’ Servers Are Not Shutting Down

Company of Heroes
Man, you gotta love the Internet. A temporarily server outage and everyone thought that CoH was being shut down. Ironically, there is also a rumor about Relic going down. Well, reality seems to be far more ‘brighter’ than most of you may think after reading all of this as Relic is not closing down, Company of Heroes 2 is still on track (aka not cancelled) and Company of Heroes’ servers are back online.
Now I don’t know how this rumor got started, but let’s take a look at the facts, shall we? In Sunday, Relic encountered some server issues with CoH. Unfortunately, those issues were not restored as soon as we all hoped. Still, CoH are back online now, meaning that they have not been shut down. That is revealed by Relic themselves, so let’s forget that one, shall we?
Now about Relic; a rumor started by Dominic Tarason, stating that Relic was going down. However, Ryan McGechaen who is Senior Development Tester at Relic revealed that the company is not shutting down and that people should not believe everything they read. So, Relic is not closing but what we do know is that SEGA may be interested in them. Four investors are currently looking into ‘getting’ Relic under their leadership, and those four are: EA, SEGA, Ubisoft and Warner Bros.
Last but not least, Company of Heroes 2 had already a beta test, in which everything went well (according to the developers). The fact that the company is not closing down also proves that CoH 2 is still on track for release, something that will most probably happen thanks to the company that will ‘get’ Relic from THQ or from the one who simply acquires the rights of this franchise.