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Ken Silverman’s BUILD2 Engine is available for download, lets you create your own retro FPS games

I’m pretty sure that most of you retro fans already know the BUILD Engine. This first-person shooter engine, created by Ken Silverman, powered some classic FPS games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Powerslave and Redneck Rampage. And we are happy to report that its successor, BUILD2 Engine, is now available for download and is distributed for free to everyone.

Similarly to Build, BUILD2 Engine is also created by Ken Silverman. Ken Silverman has been working on this engine from 2006 to 2011. Moreover, many of the features in BUILD2 were things he planned to do with the original Build Engine, but never had a chance to try back then.

Going into slightly more details, BUILD2 Engine supports native Windows, 32-bit color, 6 degrees of freedom and pure CPU rendering. It also features native support for sector over sector (SOS), Voxel sprites and Skybox. BUILD2 Engine comes with an advanced lighting system with true dynamic shadows, colors and spotlights, multi-user editing with client-side prediction, full RGB color mapping and powerful scripting compiler in EVALDRAW.

Those interested can download BUILD2 Engine from its official website.

Have fun!

Ken Silverman's BUILD2 Engine

The History of Ken Silverman's Build Engine