The Karters is a new arcade karting game inspired by Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart

Cmoar Studio has announced The Karters; a racing game that is by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay and overall design. As the press release reads, The Karters aims to invoke its nostalgia but also grab the attention of a new generation of players, to whom the legendary Crash Team Racing is perhaps a less familiar title.

Sebastian Boczek, CEO of Cmoar Studio, said:

“While browsing through various forums about CTR, it became clear to me that the community shares our desire for a more up-to-date karting game, especially the one that would support online multiplayer. I realize that Crash Team Racing is a legend that set the bar high. However, by putting a strong emphasis on the mechanics and marking the game with its unique style, we do hope The Karters will bring players lots of joy and pure fun.”

The game has hit Greenlight on April 28th to gain the initial exposure, with an intention to release an Early Access in May/June.

Its Early Access version will feature:

  • 5 unique characters, each brought to life with beautiful animations
  • 4 exciting maps (Lush Jungle, Sundown Beach, Dusty Canyon, Rave Town)
  • Battle Arena, where you can smash your opponents
  • Multiple shattering weapons to finish off your rivals
  • Conquer your opponents in single player mode…
  • … outsmart your friends in local multiplayer…
  • … or finally, compete with the players from all around the world in global multiplayer

Its final version will feature:

  • 10-12 characters,
  • 12-16 exciting maps
  • 4 Battle Arena maps
  • Even bigger number of weapons, each having unique properties
  • Global game ranking


The Karters screen1-1920x1080The Karters screen2 - 1920x1080The Karters screen3 - 1920x1080The Karters screen4 - 1920x1080

The Karters 2018 - Announcement Trailer