The Karters – Mario Kart meets Crash Team Racing racing game – Hits Steam Early Access on September 28th

Cmoar Studio has announced that The Karters, a title clearly inspired by CTR’s gameplay and overall design, will debut on Steam Early Access on September 28th. As the press release reads, The Karters is described as a “Mario Kart meets Crash Team Racing” mashup in which players will be able to grab merciless weapons, compete with their opponents, and smash them in the Arena.

The Early Access version of the game will include the following features:

  • 5 unique characters, each brought to life with beautiful animations.
  • 4 exciting maps: Lush Jungle, Sundown Beach, Dusty Canyon, and Rave Town.
  • The Battle Arena, where you’ll be able to smash your opponents.
  • Multiple shattering weapons so you’re able you to finish off your rivals.
  • Single player, as well as local and global multiplayer modes.