Alone in the Dark: Illumination – New patch will overhaul player advancement system

Atari has announced a major update for Alone in the Dark: Illumination. As the press release reads, the new patch places an emphasis on player ability progression which gives each character class – Hunter, Witch, Priest and Engineer – enhanced powers and skills to fight deadlier creatures and hellish adversaries.

With an improved skill system, new monster types, additional objectives, and more, the update to Alone in the Dark: Illumination promises to deliver a thrilling and challenging experience with improved gameplay pacing.

Here are the key features of this upcoming update:

  • Overhauled Player Advancement System:  Experience new skill tree progression, new ability enhancements, and a smoother pace-to-level advancement.
  • New and Improved Player Abilities: From the Witch’s powerful fireball to a revised weapon loadout for the Hunter, each class brings a new feel and strategic layer to the game.
  • Streamlined Missions and Objectives:  Additional variety and improved monster spawning AI make objectives more challenging while bringing additional replay value.
  • Improved Narrative:  Refined narrative delivery with added voiceover immerses players in the horror gaming experience.
  • New Monster Types and Behaviors:  From the tougher Goblin Brute to a larger variety of shapes, the deadlier creatures make every encounter more challenging than ever before.