Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod – First preview build is now available for download

The Nanos team has just released the first preview build for its multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3. PC gamers can go ahead and download this preview build, and start playing Just Cause 3 in multiplayer mode.

In case you weren’t aware of, the Nanos JC3:MP is a multiplayer modification for Just Cause 3 allowing playing on customisable dedicated servers.

According to the team, the final version of “nanos JC3:MP” will be released later in 2016.

Here is a list of known issues for this initial preview release of nano JC3: MP:

  • Carsurfing movement is not smooth
  • Getting stuck while teleporting
  • Helicopter rotors not properly synced
  • On-Foot Sync needs more love
  • Sometimes sounds of remote players are incorrectly played
  • Spawning takes a long time
  • The Wingsuit is supposed to look like the normal one with boost ability
  • Vehicle health synchronization not working perfectly
  • World damage is not synchronized
  • You cannot use grappling hook wires

Have fun everyone!

Just Cause 3 Multiplayer - Preview Announcement