Obsidian developers have created a gorgeous Star Wars environment in Unreal Engine 4 that is available for download

Obsidian Entertainment’s Jason Lewis and his team have created an amazing Star Wars environment in Unreal Engine 4 that is available for download. The team responsible for this map consists of 17 people, all working at Obsidian Entertainment.

This project is described as an interactive fan art piece. While players can run around with a blaster (or a hidden weapon that you have to find), the team was unable to enlist the help of any character artists, so the only characters in the environment with players are a bunch of Astromech droids and a few Gonk droids.

Regarding its visuals that are being displayed on screen, Lewis had this to say:

“The scene is really an experiment to see just how much detail (both polygonal and texture detail) we can run on modern PC graphics hardware at acceptable frame rates. As a result we are pushing some rather high polygon counts and texture sizes.”

Those interested can download this project from here:

Have fun!


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