Just Cause 3 is free to play until July 28th

Square Enix has announced that Just Cause 3 is free to play until July 28th. This basically means that PC gamers can go ahead, download the game from Steam and play it for free until July 28th. In order to celebrate this free to play version, Square Enix is also offering the game with a 75% discount.

It’s worth noting that the unofficial multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 was released on Steam recently. As such, our guess is that Square Enix is trying to keep the momentum of that free MP release.

Just Cause 3 was originally released in 2015 and was plagued by a various performance issues. Avalanche has released a number of patches to address these issues, however the game never received official SLI support. Still, owners of graphics cards equivalent to NVIDIA’s GTX970 will be able to enjoy this game without encountering any major performance issues.

You can download Just Cause 3 from here.

Have fun!