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Just Cause 3 Engine Is Incompatible With All Multi-GPU Solutions

Things are not looking good for all SLI and Crossfire owners out there. After the whole multi-GPU fiasco with Batman: Arkham Knight, we’ve got ourselves another – or should we say two – title that is incompatible with multi-GPU solutions.

In case you were hoping that the new NVIDIA Game-Ready driver would enable SLI support, well, think again. NVIDIA has released its new driver and the game’s profile forces it to run under Single-GPU mode.

According to NVIDIA’s Andrew Burnes, Just Cause 3’s engine is not compatible with both SLI and Crossfire, meaning that Avalanche will need to release a game patch in order to enable multi-GPU support.

“The engine is incompatible with all multi-GPU solutions, so no SLI support at this time.”

Sounds familiar? Yeap, this is similar to what happened with Batman: Arkham Knight. And the big question now is; will Avalanche abandon SLI/Crossfire owners or will it release a patch that enables multi-GPU support?

Just Cause 3 is not the only game with SLI/Crossfire issues. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate was also plagued with abnormal scaling across two GPUs, and Rainbow Six: Siege is another title that is incompatible with multi-GPU solutions.

Similarly to Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, our PC Performance Analysis for Just Cause 3 will be delayed.

Do note that Mad Max was developed by Avalanche Stockholm, whereas Just Cause 3 is developed by Avalanche New York. This may explain why Mad Max was a better optimized product than Just Cause 3.

In other news, those interested in NVIDIA’s latest driver can download it via the following links.

Windows 7/8.1 64bit
Windows 10 64bit