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Just Cause 3 – 1.1GB Update Is Now Available On Steam [UPDATE: Changelog Revealed]

Avalanche Studios has just released a new update for Just Cause 3. Although the team has not revealed the changelog for this patch, it did claim earlier this month that it was working on optimisations, bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements.

Our guess is that this patch comes with various bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements. Oh, and no; there is still no support for multi-GPUs.

A number of users claimed on the game’s Steam forum that this patch breaks compatibility with the third-party FOV tool, and that the memory leak that affected the game has not been fixed yet.

Given the fact that this patch breaks compatibility with the FOV mod, we’re almost certain that this is not just a DLC patch (similar to those released for other games).

On the plus side, some issues with Anisotropic Filtering have been fixed, and the stuttering issues have been improved according to some Steam users.

We’ll be sure to update this story once we get our hands on the changelog, so stay tuned for more!


Here are the release notes for this latest update.

So our latest Patch (1.1GB) includes a few alterations to JC3 for the Japanese release of the game. It also contains some improvements to online functionalities, and stability. Here’s a more technical breakdown of what the patch includes:

  • Japanese Audio added
  • Online
    — Protocol change for GetStats to reduce server bandwidth
    — Further improvements to GetStats, adding zlib compression to the response
  • Stability
    — Fixed raycast scheduler threading issues

The Just Cause 3 team continues to work on optimisations and fixes.