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Jurassic World Evolution update 1.5 detailed, will bring a Day/Night cycle and more

Frontier has detailed the upcoming update 1.5 for Jurassic World Evolution. According to the team, this patch will add a Day/Night cycle, will big some improvements to the Dinosaur Behaviour and will add Higher Capacity Feeders.

Going into more details, dinosaurs will now have Group Leaders. Group Leaders can change during leadership contests, and the dinosaur with the highest prestige will lead the group. Groups try to stick together when fleeing from danger and when drinking, eating or sleeping, and they can also be herded with the vehicles. Furthermore, dinosaurs will have a sleeping behaviour, meaning that they will now take a nap when they are comfortable and idle.

The Day/Night cycle will be instantly available from the gameplay setting menu in both Challenge and Sandbox modes, but for the Career islands it’ll have to be unlocked as a setting by achieving 5 stars on each island.

Last but not least, this new patch will introduce a bunch of new contracts for you to get stuck into.

Frontier did not reveal when this update will be released but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!