Jurassic Park SNES

Jurassic Park SNES and Gex Trilogy are coming to Steam

Limited Run Games has announced that the two Jurassic Park games that came out on SNES, as well as Gex Trilogy, will release on Steam. And, since I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park SNES game, this makes me really, really happy.

In 2017, we shared a PC demo of the Visitor Center from the 16-bit version of Jurassic Park. Created in Unity, this demo showcased what a proper port of that classic game could look and play like.

Now I strongly suggest tempering your expectations as the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection will not be that good. These two SNES games will be most likely emulated, so don’t expect much from them. I don’t even know whether we’ll get any 2D filters for them. For what it’s worth, Limited Run Games claims that it will implement some quality-of-life fixes. Still, you should keep your expectations in check.

Now since these will be official releases on PC, I kind of hope that someone will be able to mod them. Imagine a Path Tracing Mod for the first JP game, like the one we got for Doom. That game would look glorious with a Path Tracing Mod and an HD Texture Pack. After all, in case you didn’t know, JP on SNES has numerous first-person sequences. So, there is a huge potential here for an unofficial remaster. Do it modders… just… DO IT.

Limited Run Games will release the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection on Steam later this year. The collection will feature the Jurassic Park SNES games alongside their NES and GameBoy cousins. As for the Gex Trilogy, there is no ETA on when it will come out.

Enjoy their trailers and stay tuned for more!

Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection | LRG3 Reveal Trailer

Gex Trilogy | LRG3 Reveal