Jurassic Park Invades CryEngine 3 With Yet Another Fan-Made Game

Jurassic Park v3
It’s pretty obvious by now that PC gamers NEED a good Jurassic Park game, an FPS title that can blow our minds away, an FPS that can come as close to the first film’s environments as possible, and a game that will look as good as most modern-day titles (or even better). So, today we bring you another game that is being developed via CryEngine 3’s SDK, called Jurassic Park: Aftermath. This game is being created by a single guy who has released a video for it, showcasing his work over the past 3 weeks. It looks remarkably amazing, though it still needs a lot of work (especially with the models and AI of the dinosaurs). What really impressed us with Aftermath, though, was the environments. Vagrantart did an excellent work, so we can’t wait to see some more refined footage from it. Enjoy!
Jurassic park:Aftermath Cryengine 3 game