John Carmack Will Receive BAFTA’s Fellowship Award

John Carmack is a man that was criticized by a lot of PC gamers when RAGE was being developed for both PC and consoles. Yes, the man responsible for id Software’s engines did state some bizarre things when X360 and PS3 were out, however we can all agree that he was incredibly influential and that he played a critical role in establishing the PC as a vital gaming platform, especially when it came to first-person shooters. And we are happy to report that John Carmack will receive BAFTA’s greatest honour next month.

As it was revealed today, Carmack will be honoured with the Academy’s highest honour, which is awarded “in recognition of an outstanding and exceptional contribution to film, television or games”.

Here is what Carmack had to say:

“Receiving a BAFTA Fellowship is a great honour. Over the course of my career, I’ve remained passionate about the potential for engineering and technology improvements to expand the range of human creativity. Graphics, networking, extendable platforms, and now virtual reality; each has enabled magnificent new things that delight millions of people. I am as excited about the future today as I was when I started.”

Now I really, really, really hope that Carmack will give a keynote at the BAFTAs similar to his keynote at QuakeCon. Now that would be amazing, especially since Bethesda did not invite him at QuakeCon 2015 (or at this year’s event).

Thanks PCGamer