Frictional Games: SOMA Has Not Made A Profit Yet, Currently Working On Two Different Games

Frictional Games has published a new article on its blog about the present and the future of SOMA, as well as the company itself. According to the indie team, SOMA has not made a profit yet as it has sold 250K units in total on all platforms.

The good news is that Frictional Games expects to earn back its entire investment in the project by the end of 2016. The team needs around 20K-30K additional sales in order to break even, and expects to meet that goal by the end of the year.

As Frictional Games revealed:

“The total number of sales, across all platforms, is currently at a bit over 250 000 units. This is pretty good; it’ll only take 20k – 30k more until we’ve earned back our entire investment in the project. Given that the daily sales are still solid (about 125 units a day) and we have regular boosts from various sale events, this is bound to happen well before this year is over.”

Frictional Games is currently working on two different games. As stated, this will give the team the ability to experiment with the concept of their games. Of course, this begs the question whether Frictional Games will be able to polish, optimize and take good care of them. After all, Frictional Games is a small indie team, so another question is whether these two games will be as big and ambitious projects as SOMA and Amnesia were.

“For the first time in company history we’re now developing two games at the same time. This will require non-trivial changes in how we manage the team, but in the end we’re very sure it’ll be worth it all. By having two projects going at the same time, we can release games at much higher frequency. In turn, this let us be more experimental as we don’t have to rely as much on each new game being a big money generator. We’re still in the early phases of this transition, but it’s shaping up really well so far.”