Joe Danger: The Movie 1 & 2 – Now Available On The PC

Joe Danger 2 The Movie
Hello Games announced that Joe Danger and its sequel, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, are now available on PC via Steam. Joe Danger 2: The Movie comes with special new content. Players can create and share crazy new levels using a new Minecraft theme, which comprises a 3D backdrop and collection of Minecraft-flavoured ramps and objects, and new playable characters: Steve and Pigman. It also features the full roster of Team Fortress 2 characters, from the Spy to the Heavy, to play with and against.
The PC versions of both games also feature a new Ultra Hard PC Challenge, a mode that takes you on a tour of each game’s most challenging levels so you can experience the very soul of Joe Danger from the off.
Hello Games managing director Sean Murray said:
“Releasing it finally, we wanted to do PC ‘right’, or at least not ‘half-assed’. We’ve added so much new stuff, and I can’t really explain why, other than it’s been fun – and we could!”
The games are available individually at $14.99 / £9.99 / €13.99. They’re also available in a bundle at $24.99 / £16.99 / €22.99, which includes both games and special extra content.
For the first week on sale, however, they are on sale with 20% off each title, and 40% off the bundle. So that means both games together are initially available for just $14.99 / £10.19 / €13.79.
The bundle will also contain extra content: an eBook about the Joe Danger story so far and how a tiny indie developer self-published a game on console and grew into the company it is today, four songs from the Joe Danger soundtrack, and a selection of wallpapers.
Both games come with PC-specific enhancements, including new graphic settings and resolutions which take full advantage of modern PC power. Steam Big Picture support means you can play from the sofa with gamepad, while mouse and keyboard support means it feels at home on desktop screens, too.
Steam Workshop support allows you to easily browse and share edited levels over Steam, and ghost recording means you can compete with other players’ runs right from within the game.
Murray concluded:
“For so long Joe Danger PC was sat on my desktop, tied up in nonsense console exclusivities. It feels lovely just to come back and finish it – and release it. I’ve got a soft spot for PC. For me, Joe Danger is a game that ran in a tiny window on my PC desktop all the way through the past few years of console development.”
Joe Danger is coming to PC!