Jane Jensen’s Pinkerton Road starts a new Kickstarter for a 3rd person adventure on PC and tablets

Jesus Christ, there is no stopping to the Kickstarter campaigns. This is good on one hand but on the other, it really feels a bit awkward seeing big ‘old names’ returning each and every day with a new Kickstarter campaign for their games. But whatever. Here is guys Pinkerton Road, the new game studio by Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes. What was that? Did you dare to ask who Jane Jensen is? Well, she was the writter behind Police Quest III: The Kindred and EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus, she co-designed King’s Quest VI: Heir Today and Gone Tomorrow with veteran game designer Roberta Williams, and her first solo game was Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. And let’s not forget that she was behind Gray Matter.
Pinkerton Road is the new game studio started by game veterans Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes.  Their focus is 3rd person adventure games for PC and tablet with rich stories, gorgeous art and seamlessly fun play.  The studio will use a new model, “Community Supported Gaming” (CSG) to fund and develop their games.
Pinkerton Road Kickstarter Campaign’s goal is $300,000 USD and there are 44 days left until this is over. Oh, and there are already 382 backers that have pledged $25,421.
If they succeed, those who have signed up will vote on one of the 3 concepts below as their very first Pinkerton Road adventure. These 3 concepts are Gray Matter 2, Moebius and Anglophile Adventure.
If the team meets their Kickstarter goal the first season of Pinkerton Road will include:
*  Lola and Lucy’s Big Adventure (a kid’s e-book/game written by Jane that we’ve funded ourselves as a bootstrap studio project.  It’s nearly finished and will be released Summer 2012.)
* An all new original adventure game by Jane in the vein of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter (no pun intended) on PC download, due approximately Mar 2013
Adventure fans can visit the game’s Kickstarter Page and back this project up.