Relic’s James McDermott believes that some people want PC to go away

It’s pretty well known that piracy is PC gaming’s biggest enemy – well, that is if we don’t count Microsoft but still. A lot of developers and publishers have suffered from it and let’s not count the various leaks that we’ve seen these past days. As a result of that, some developers who were mainly focused on PC have opted plans for multiplatform games and according to James McDermott, some people may want PC to simply go away.
According to an interview with Eurogamer, James McDermott said:
“Some people just think it would be easier if PC went away. I just get that
sense sometimes. It’s because PC is such a tailored market in terms of the kind
of platform you have to have. The barrier to entry is a lot higher than just, go
and buy a console.
It just seems like there’s more complexity to it, which is probably somewhat
true. But it is a great platform. For first-person shooters, that’s still where
I want to play.”
Although PC gamers lost some favourite PC-only developers like Crytek, they have also gained the support of developers that were previously focused mainly on consoles. Capcom is one of them. EA Sports for the first time will release the best Fifa version on the PC. And if some rumors are true, NetherRealm Studios will actually port Mortal Kombat 9 to the PC.
McDermott is also confident that the PC is not going anywhere. After all, Relic has seen big revenues from that ‘dying’ platform. And although piracy is a major issue for the PC, we should note that both piracy and sales of used games are two even more bigger issues for the current generation consoles.