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Intel will reveal “new and innovative features” for its Xe gaming GPUs at GDC 2020

It appears that Intel will give PC gamers a first look at its upcoming discrete desktop GPU based on the Xe architecture at GDC 2020. Intel will be present at this event, which takes place in March 2020, and will hold a conference.

Titled “A Primer on Intel Graphics Xe Architecture (Presented by Intel Corporation)“, this conference will target game and engine developers. Moreover, the conference will introduce attendees to the Xe Architecture. Thus, Intel plans to reveal new and innovative features, unique insight on 3D and compute, and clear guidance on Xe Architecture optimizations.

Here is the description of Intel’s GDC 2020 conference:

“Intel’s brand new Xe Architecture, has been teased for a while, and is scheduled for release later this year! This update brings a significant compute, geometry and throughput improvements over todays widely used Gen9 and Gen11 graphics. This talk will provide a detailed tour of the hardware architecture behind Intel’s upcoming GPUs – unveiling the structure behind its building blocks and their performance implications. Special consideration will be taken to explain how graphics engineers can best exploit the new Xe Architecture. We will then take an in-depth look at some of its powerful new features.”

As we can see, Intel has re-confirmed the release date of the consumer version of the Xe graphics cards. Yes, these GPUs are coming out later this year. Now while Intel has not confirmed any of its features, we can assume that they will support Ray Tracing.

It will be interesting to see what Intel has in store for PC gamers. It will also be interesting to see whether the blue team will release a high-end product, or whether it will focus on the mid-tier crowd.

Kudos to our reader “Metal Messiah” for bringing this to our attention.

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