More first-party Playstation exclusives are coming to the PC, and Dreams may be one of them

A few hours ago, we informed you about Horizon Zero Dawn potentially coming to the PC. And from the looks of it, HZD will not be the only first-party Playstation exclusive that will release on the PC.

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier claimed that more first-party Playstation exclusives will follow Horizon Zero Dawn.

Although Schreier did not provide any additional details, Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips hinted at Dreams releasing on the PC.

It will be interesting to see whether other triple-A games will find their way on our platform. After all, we are certain that a lot of PC gamers would love to play, natively, like Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and God of War.

What’s also funny here is that, back in 2018, we had an April’s Fools article about what is happening now. Back then, we said that after Playstation Now, Sony would be bringing its games on the PC. Ironically, it appears we were correct.