Intel will release its new, 8th-generation, Coffee Lake CPUs in the second half of 2017

Things are about to get really interesting this year. We all know that AMD is about to its release its new Ryzen CPUs. And while most gamers are looking forward to it, it appears that Intel will not stand still and lose the fight. During its Investor Day event last week, Intel revealed that its eighth-generation Coffee Lake CPUs will be released in the second of half of 2017.

The new Coffee Lake CPUs will be based on a 14nm process, and are reported to be offering a 15% performance boost over the Kaby Lake CPUs.

Intel has not revealed yet the full Coffee Lake lineup, though we are almost certain that it will include all sorts of models; from the regular dual-core models to the high-end eight-core and even ten-core models for enthusiasts.

It will be interesting to see how much these new chips will cost, especially if AMD decides to release its Ryzen CPUs at the reported/rumoured challenging prices.

All in all, things are – finally – getting interesting, so we are really looking forward to both Intel’s and AMD’s brand new CPUs!