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Intel is refreshing some of the 10th Generation Comet Lake-S “Celeron” processors

In a very surprise move it appears that Intel is refreshing and upgrading some of the ‘Celeron’ processors in the Comet Lake 10th gen CPU lineup. The discovery of two new unannounced Comet Lake-S Celeron processors certainly hints that a refresh is coming. Intel has not refreshed any of the Comet lake- S CPUs till now.

@momomo_us has spotted two new SKUs, the Celeron G5925 and G5905 listed online at ‘Lambda Tek’ retailer. Celeron CPUs might be the lowest end of processors that Intel makes for desktops, but these are some of the best ‘entry-level’ chips. They are best suited for light work, internet surfing, business graphics, and video streaming, and obviously not recommended for graphically intensive work. These are low-end IA-32 and x86-64 compatible computer microprocessor models targeted at low-cost personal computers, and entry-level consumer market.

In the Comet Lake-S lineup, the Celeron G5920, G5900 and G5900T are the only processor models available right now. But it looks that Intel is further expanding the Celeron lineup with the following new SKUs, the Celeron G5925 (BX80701G5925), and G5905 (BX80701G5905). Since both of these are Comet Lake-S chips, they are built on Intel’s 14nm manufacturing process node. These processors do support the latest Intel 400-series chipset motherboard, and the LGA1200 CPU socket. Comet Lake-S Celeron parts have a 58W TDP envelope, except the T model, and the same applies to these new SKUs as well.

Intel’s Celeron processors typically have two CPU cores, and lack Hyper-Threading and they run at a static clock speed, including these new SKUs, the Celeron G5925 and G5905.

Coming to the specs, both the Celeron G5925 and G5905 have a 100 MHz higher base clock than the current Celeron G5920 and G5900, respectively. Intel has also doubled the amount of L3 cache on these new Celeron chips. Both the Celeron G5925 and G5905 are listed with 4MB of L3 cache. Before this, only the “Pentium” models used to have 4MB of L3 cache. Apart from this, both of these new parts come with same Intel UHD Graphics 610 iGPU, offer 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes, and support DDR4-2666 RAM.

LambdaTek retailer has the Celeron G5925 and G5905 listed for £51.78|£62.14 inc.VAT, and £42.55|£51.06 inc.VAT, respectively. There is no ETA when these low cost chips will arrive in stock though.

You can see the retail listing of these new refreshed Celeron processors as shown below.

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