Insurgency: Sandstorm targets a 2018 release, will not support single-player and co-operative story modes

New World Interactive’s Michael Tsarouhas has announced that Insurgency: Sandstorm will drop its single-player and cooperative story mode. In order to release the game in 2018, the development team will now focus on its multiplayer mode so that it can provide a polished experience.

In case you weren’t aware of, Insurgency: Sandstorm is a first-person shooter and sequel to Insurgency, that is powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game will focus on team-based and co-operative gameplay.

As Tsarouhas wrote on Focus Interactive’s forum:

“The single player and cooperative story has been canceled for release, and will be considered again at a later date. This is due to its high production requirements and our commitment to deliver to our fans in 2018. The story was a very exciting and new opportunity for us as a team, but we felt we had to make a choice. At this moment it’s more important to us that we deliver a full multiplayer and coop experience that improves on Insurgency; one that is true to our style and what we feel we do best. We know to some of you this decision may be unexpected, and we’re sad to share this news, but this was a shift our team felt we needed to make.”

Insurgency: Sandstorm will feature three multiplayer modes and three co-op modes. The three multiplayer modes are Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base, where as Checkpoint, Operation, and Outpost are for co-op.

Here is what Tsarouhas had to say about these modes:

“Push and Firefight are very similar to as they were in Insurgency. Both of these modes will not have drivable vehicles, as we hope to preserve the gameplay of our legacy game modes. Capture the Base however is a more open map mode, one which is built from the start with drivable vehicles in mind. It’s got a bit more of a “Capture the Flag” feel to it (though with very different goals and conditions) and so far has been a lot of fun to play internally. Firefight will also feature a separate 5v5 competitive ruleset with its own matchmaking and ranking system. Checkpoint and Outpost are similar to Insurgency as well (Outpost has seen some tweaks) but Operation will offer a new kind of experience.”

New World Interactive may add new game modes – or even a story mode – post-launch, however, nothing is certain at this point. The team also plans to launch a Closed Alpha for Insurgency: Sandstorm soon, and the sign-ups for this alpha phase are already open.