Indie title ‘StarForge’ Reached Its Crowd-Funding Goal And There Are Still 17 Days Left To Its IndieGoGo Campaign

Amazing news for all indie fans, as StarForge has reached its crowd-funding goal. StarForge is a survival game that is inspired by Halo, Warcraft 3 and Minecraft. Think of Starforge as a mashup between those three games, where players build castles/forges to defend themselves from some enemies at night that look similar to StarCraft’s Zergs.
StarForge has managed to earn $75K and the team aims to earn around $500K in order to fulfill all of its stretched goals.
The company has also revealed that a new version of StarForge will be released containing multiplayer, procedural weapons, terraforming and vehicles for backers who support its IndieGoGo campaign and those who have previously purchased a copy.
Unfortunately, this ultimately means that StarForge won’t be a free-to-play title anymore, therefore we’re expecting a better end result and more polish to its gameplay mechanics, animations, and visuals.