Indie News – Death to Spies 3 & Schein IndieGoGo Campaigns Launched

Death To Spies 3
As we’ve said and before, we strongly support indie developers. And today, we present you the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaigns for Death to Spies 3 and Schein. Alexey Agamalov has informed us of Death to Spies 3, a title that was meant to hit PC and X360. According to Alexey, their publisher ‘kicked’ them, therefore they had to resort to an IndieGoGo campaign.
Death to Spies 3 is a third-person stealth action game in a period of ~1960’s and Cuban missile crisis. You are playing as a group of three soviet intelligence agents. The game is about sneaking, thinking, planning and a bit of shooting/fighting/killing – just some regular spy work.
The team behind Death to Spies 3 aims to raise $80K in the next 59 days, and those interested can back its project up by visiting the game’s IndieGoGo page.
Jordan Smith has informed us about another indie title. Schein is said to be a novel puzzle-platformer for PC with a very unique game mechanic. Players are put into the role of a desperate young man who is grieving over the death of his only son. He wanders aimlessly through a murky swamp in search of… something.
Schein is planned for a Q2 or early Q3 2013 release. The team aims to raise $20K in the next 30 days, and those interested can back it up by visiting its IndieGoGo page.
Ghost of Moscow: Death to Spies - Prezentace (GamesCom 2011)

Schein Developer Pitch