Indie game ‘Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory’ hitting the PC on February 25th

Hooray, time for some indie love today. Korean Indie team Turtle Cream will release their 1st commercial game ‘Sugar Cube : Bittersweet Factory’ at February 25th. Sugar Cube : Bittersweet Factory is commercial version of ‘Sugar Cube’, which won 2010 IGF China best game. Sugar Cube : The Bittersweet Factory is a 2D platformer game that presents the story of a sugar cube. The backgrounds of the game have two sides, namely, the front and the back. So depending on how you play, the environments will very often be vastly different.

The gane features 5 world themes containing unique 90 levels, 20 achievements, and 2 different endings. Plus it has SUPER CUTE looks and very sweet soundtrack. This is a PC exclusive and those interested will be able to purchase it through several digital distribution stores for Windows PC, as Desura – Indiecity – Indievania – Kawagames(Spanish) – Direct purchase through official site.

Enjoy the following screenshots and videos!

Sugar Cube : Bittersweet Factory MV teaser