Indie Action Adventure Space Shooter “Kromaia” Gets A Public Demo


Kraken Empire has released a public demo for its upcoming action adventure shooter, Kromaia. Kromaia is described as a unique renewal of the space shooter genre. Kromaia features a surprising blend between the arcade cabinet flavour and the total freedom of open world adventures.

The demo consists of a survival minigame that offers 3 minutes of pure action gameplay and two opposite spaceships to try, with their different capabilities and weaponry. This first preview demo is short and easy to play, but it is capable of showing how fast, agile and immersive the intented gameplay can be.

This demo will be available until November 22nd.

There is currently a IndieGoGo campaign for this game that ends on November 22nd as well. The team aims to raise $40K in the next 7 days, and is around $38K away from that goal.

A full preview without time restrictions, 2 gameplay modes (survival and story mode) and 4 different ships to try is sent to the pledgers of their crowdfunding campaign.


DSOGaming - Kromaia Score Attack Demo Playthrough