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Immersive Movement mod for Skyrim greatly improves the movement of the player, animals and creatures

Last week, we informed you about the Immersive Movement mod for Fallout 4. Created by modder Zana Daniel, this mod changes the movements of the player, animals, and all creatures in such a way that would actually make sense from a biological and physical perspective. And the modder has also brought this mod to Skyrim Special Edition.

Thanks to this mod, player speed of movement is reduced in ways that will make sense to everyone. The same has been applied to sneaking, though little to no change has been made to your ability moving forward and different weapons will further impact the above parameters. Two handed weapons such as greatswords, battleaxes and so on are quite heavy and so will affect your mobility in combat the most, whereas one handed weapons are less so, followed by smaller weapons such as daggers, and finally bows.

Animal movements have been altered to actually move like they should. Wild animals such as Sabre Cats, wolves, bears and such are now faster. Horses are much more useful now so travelling on foot is not a logical approach when travelling long distances across Skyrim. Horse sprinting speeds are almost doubled and galloping is also significantly faster.

Creatures have also been enhanced. Draugr are slightly slower now after being in dusty old crypts for so long but over time they’ve learned to master handling their weapons so therefore the weight of their weapons have almost no impact on them. The ancient lost race of Mer, known as The Dwemer or “Dwarves” by the folks of Skyrim were a fascinating race and their creations have been timeless. Dwemer Automatons are fast and agile so be well equipped and alert before venturing into one of their ruins. Vampires are rapid and deadly, Werewolfs can propel to higher speeds than vanilla and Daedra’s and Atronach’s are more quick and fluid in their movement. Last but not least, other creatures such as trolls, skeevers, spiders and so on have all been carefully looked at as well of course.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Have fun!