Hyrule Warriors, Pokken Tournament & Devil’s Third running on the WiiU emulator, CEMU 1.11.2 now available

The team behind the amazing WiiU emulator, CEMU, has released a brand new version for its Patreon members. CEMU 1.11.2 adds file menu shortcuts to recently launched games, improves robustness of file location handling, and includes unicode support and the ability to launch games from network storage.

Moreover, this new version implements additional API instructions, adds minimalistic usb keyboard implementation (though it’s still not functional) and fixes a crash caused by recompiling very large functions.

YouTube’s member ‘reznoire’ has also released some new videos, showing Hyrule Warriors, Devil’s Third and Pokkén Tournament running on the PC thanks to this emulator. These three games are not coming to the PC so the only way to experience them is via emulators.

As we can see, Pokkén Tournament works wonderfully on CEMU 1.11.2. Hyrule Warriors also appears to be running – performance wise – great, though there are still many graphical glitches. On the other hand, Devil’s Third has some performance issues that need to be resolved.

Cemu 1.11.2 | Pokkén Tournament Gameplay

Cemu 1.11.2 | Hyrule Warriors Gameplay

Cemu 1.11.2 | Devil's Third Gameplay

CEMU 1.11.2 will be made available to everyone next week. Below you can find its complete changelog.

CEMU 1.11.2 Release Notes:

general: Added file menu shortcuts to recently launched games
general: Improved robustness of file location handling, includes unicode support and the ability to launch games from network storage
general: If the mlc01 folder is not found, Cemu will ask if it should be created (helpful when you forget the specifiy the -mlc parameter)

PPC/JIT: Fixed a crash caused by recompiling very large functions
PPC/JIT: Implemented CRAND and SYNC instructions

coreinit: Added API FSSetUserData, FSGetUserData, OSAndAtomic64, OSOrAtomic64, FSMakeDir
coreinit: Fixed a bug where async FS callbacks for some file operations would have FSCmdBlock* set to null

rpl: Improved handling of sdata2

GX2: Added support for QUAD_STRIPS primitive type
GX2: Added support for GPU special state 5 (convert depth to color)
GX2: Added support for GPU special state 8 (clear color as depth buffer)
GX2: Added support for A2_B10_G10_R10_UNORM texture format
GX2: Fixed a bug where updating textures would fail if the updated texture was a view with a non-zero mip base
GX2: Fixed a bug in GX2CopySurface() that caused the copy operation to be cancled if the source and destination mip index had different values
GX2: Added support for data-sharing of overlapping textures between integer texture formats and BC4 3D textures (special case that requires pixel-data conversion since OpenGL does not support BC4 3D textures)
GX2: Fixed mismatching pixel shader imports when a geometry shader is used (caused render glitches on AMD and Intel GPUs)
GX2: Added API GX2SetDRCConnectCallback

nn_boss: Implemented additional API

nsyskbd: Added minimalistic usb keyboard implementation (no functionality, but it prevents games from softlocking or crashing)

nn_nfp: Added missing fields to GetTagInfo(), GetNfpRomInfo() and GetNfpCommonInfo()

nlibcurl: Fixed curl_global_init not setting the default memory functions correctly
nlibcurl: Added API curl_multi_timeout

nn_act: Independent token cache can store multiple tokens now
nn_act: Added API EnableParentalControlCheck, IsParentalControlCheckEnabled, AcquireEcServiceToken, AcquireIndependentServiceToken (new overload)

vpad: Fixed missing deadzone when translating axis to analog direction buttons
vpad: Fixed incorrect axis normalization after the deadzone has been already applied

input: Deadzone and axis-range calculation is now applied to the mapped input rather than the raw api input

sndcore2: Increased sound volume to be on the same level as sndcore1