Humans Must Answer Demo Released

Humans Must Answer
SumomGames has released a demo for its upcoming shump, Humans Must Answer. According to the development team, this demo features four levels in total, and will give you an idea of what the gameplay will be. However, the team stated that a number of the story elements are missing and since this is an early version, players won’t be able to combine weapons or gain access to many of them either.
SumomGames has also a Kickstarter campaign for this game, and aims to raise £5,000. They have already managed to raise almost £1,000 and there are still 23 days left to this campaign.
Those interested can download the demo from here.
We should also note that Humans Must Answer is almost finished, and it will be released whether the funding amount is reached or not. So there’s no risk of the game not being delivered.
Humans Must Answer IGF Trailer