Hoodwink: The Brute, The Babe and the Bogey – Now On Steam Greenlight

Adventure fans, it’s time to step up and prove that you can support your beloved developers. Malaysian based indie developer E1 Studio has submitted the updated version of its recently released PC adventure series, Hoodwink, on Steam Greenlight today. In all seriousness, we’ve seen one hell of indie games appearing on Greenlight in just a couple of hours, so we’re pretty sure that we’ll be bombarded by a lot of similar press releases. Similar to the Kickstarter campaigns though, we’ll follow only those that seem interesting enough.
Executive Producer, Amir Irwan said:
“Hoodwink: The Brute, The Babe and the Bogey is our first game and we made it a point to listen very closely to the gaming community and note what gamers would like to see improved in it. Among them were requests for the game to be on their preferred digital distribution channels.”
The game’s debut release was exclusive on Origin. As of now the updated version of Hoodwink: The Brute, The Babe and the Bogey is also available on Desura, Gamersgate and AdventureShop.
Amir added:
 “We will continue to listen and engage with the gaming community because we believe that’s how we build better games and we are passionate about delivering memorable narrative experiences through our games.”
Set in a dysfunctional dystopian world of Global-01, the Hoodwink series follows the amusing escapades of small-time thief Michael Bezzle as he struggles to evade the world’s last corporation and uncover a conspiracy behind it.
Hoodwink: The Brute, The Babe and the Bogey is available on Origin, Desura, Gamersgate and AdventureShop for USD 9.99, € 8.49 or £6.49.